Merchants join

1,Join conditions

1) Legal entity: business license, tax registration certificate, organization code certificate, full license;

2) Funds:More than 100,000 funds (funds in different areas);

3) Premises: stores more than 38 square (different provinces or regions to varying requirements for dealers);

4) Customer resources: ownership of real estate, construction and other industries customer resource, a good sales network resources;

5) Reputation services: faith in the Senstar door industry maintain long-term cooperation, the Senstar brand loyal, good business reputation and ethics, have a strong ability to service.

2、Join application

1) Log on Senstar Web site or contact us at 0579-87225588 or 0579-87225807;

2) Fill out the application form, together with a photocopy of fax to Senstar, the company will respond within 24 hours;

3) Senstar door industry will conduct a preliminary assessment based on the filter.

3、Market investigation

1) Regional Manager for the provinces to investigate;

2) After inspection of the company within 5 working days to respond.

4、Signed an agreement

1) Negotiate the terms and sign the agreement, distributors pay a performance bond;

2) To establish the sample.

5、Ready for operation

1) Franchisee leasing stores;

2) The company provides free drawing and interior design, suit measures to local conditions at their own expense decoration;

3) Store employee recruitment;

4) Orders and the salesperson was professional training;

5) Senstar door send people assist business.